CyberMan Software is not currently seeking new business.  I started this sole proprietorship in April 1998 to sell shareware and work on independent consulting projects.  Since 2014 I have full time corporate employment which does not afford me the time to work on independent projects.

Depending on library deprecation issues all too common in open source software, these old projects may or may not still be of interest:

  • graddress — A program to generate graphical representations of e-mail addresses, so they cannot be picked up by spam bots.
  • CMS Captcha — A program to generate CAPTHA images with image textures as both foreground and background.

 I have not terminated the DBA, but due to New York State tax laws and regulations requiring me to give the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance direct access to my checking account, I cannot sell tangible products in New York State.  I mailed back my Sales Tax Certificate, but did not terminate the DBA with Monroe County.

Much of my time outside of full time employment is dedicated to independent screen writing film making.  Here I am on IMDb.